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  • ICT Hospital Management System empowers administration to manage Human Resources in a very sophisticated way.Management information system(MIS) allows for ananlyzing and monitoring each department by the top-management of the hospital. Human resources involve those people that are responsible for the maintenance of an organization. In a hospital Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist , Laboratorists , Accountants, Receptionist and other administrative staff falls in the category of Human resources. Hospital Management Software


    List of nurses added can be viewed in a table.

    List may contain Nurse’ Name,Email,Password,Address,Phone and Picture. Healthcare Management Software


    List of nurses added can be viewed in a table. Hospital Administration Software

    List may contain Nurse’ Name,Email,Password,Address,Phone and their Picture


    List of Laboratory operators added can be viewed in a table. Best Hospital Management Software

    List may contain Laboratorist’ Name,Email,Password,Address,Phone and their Picture .


    List of accountants added can be viewed in a table.

    List may contain Nurse’ Name,Email,Password,Address,Phone and their Picture


    List of Receptionist added can be viewed in a table. Top Hospital Management Software

    List may contain Receptionist’ Name,Email,Password,Address,Phone and their Picture


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  • ICT Hospital Management System (HMS) manages records of doctors of the hospital. The doctor is responsible to treat or restore human health through the practice of medicine. Doctor’s data is managed according to their specialization like Chest specialists, Gynecologists, surgeons, and physicians. Hospital Management Software

    ICTHospital framework manages and stores Doctor’s information. Healthcare Management Software

    The following functions are available in the Doctors Management Module.


    Doctors list: It shows the detail about the doctor as Information of doctor,

    Edit: It can be used to make changes in the information of the doctor

    Appointments are taken from the doctor

    The holidaies of the doctor, Time schedule when the doctor is available. Hospital Administration Software

    Detail of the doctor can also be deleted.

    New records can also be added to doctor’s lists.



    Treatment History shows detail about how many patients are treated by the doctor. Best Hospital Management Software

    List of all the patients can be also viewed through date. Top Hospital Management Software

    Treated from “Date from” till “Date to”.

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  • Would you like to improve the communication channel for your organization? Well, you should concentrate on all the latest technologies and machines to help you with anything you want.

    Whether it is all about the internet, fax machines or anything else, just concentrate to be with the best service provider and ensure to have ultimate pleasure in terms with the communication and network. What about the Open Source Fax Over IP Software?  It is very helpful in terms to send the messages to another party easily by reducing the costs and lower the complexity of their communications and data infrastructures. Fax machines were so popular earlier and today as well, hence we should take advantage of these enhancements. In order to streamline your communication or improve the same, right Fax Over IP Application is necessary in order to meet your demands.

    There are numerous service providers to get Fax Over Ip Business Solution, but if you want the best, you can try out the suggested source for getting many benefits and improve the communication. This is the best software to send and receive faxes anytime without any hassle and at the same time, this can be used by unlimited users. Also, this is good for the white label or re-branding purpose will offer great results. Using the open source Fax Over IP Software, one can easily rebrand the products and services and if you face any issues, the best team will be there for quick support.

    The suggested Open Source Fax Over IP System is great for outbound faxing and one can make the best use of the same to email to fax or web to fax and for the inbound faxing services. This Best Fax Over Ip Software is great in terms with the unlimited concurrent call, one will get the dashboard for quick monitoring, get extension or ATA support and provides other benefits. So, if you want Top Fax Over Ip Software, just plan to go with the suggested one and make your communication strong.

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